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Topside Molokai Churches

Four churches comprise the Saint Damien Catholic Parish: Saint Vincent Ferrer of Maunaloa Town (west end), Saint Damien of Molokai Church (central Molokai), Saint Joseph Church at Kamalo (east end) and Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Church at Kalua'aha (east end).

Father Damien built two of these churches, St. Joseph and Our Lady of Seven Sorrows, in his mission to serve the "topside" faithful of Molokai. We are honored to serve as the stewards of these Damien Churches.

Over its 150 year history the Saint Damien Catholic Parish has been well served by the Sacred Heart priests, the original Catholic missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands, and by the diocesan priests of Hawaii.

The Saint Damien Catholic Parish is a community of Native Hawaiians, Europeans, (mainland) Americans, Pacific Islanders and Asians, many of whom came here to work in the sugar and pineapple plantations. For most of us there is no other place that we would choose to live and die.

Our Lady of Seven Sorrows
Kalua'aha, East Moloka'i
Sun Mass 7:00 am

St. Joseph's
Kamalo, East Moloka'i
No Weekend Mass

St. Damien
Sat Mass 6:00 pm
Sun Mass 9:00 am

St. Vincent Ferrer
West Moloka'i
Sun Mass 11:00 am